Friday, August 22, 2008

Take Me Away.

He Haunts me and Says Im Insane
I can feel the Needle break up inside my Viens
He deceived me that way
Please Father Take me away
from this monster that made me this way
Please Heal me, cause I feel like dying, erasing all these memories
I'm trapped inside this cage, filling up with bitterness and rage
Please Father forgive me, and take me away
you put a puzzel togther in 7 days.
But in 7 days he Breaks my Brain cavity waves, distorted. decayed.
his face of hell, originated this pain.
The demon that should be locked away for internety
Motivated on defeating these Demons in everything.
its the only thing that keeps me alive.
its the only thing that keeps me away from his demented lies.


Madison Olivia said...

Yeah Budddyy! Good one!

SamMiddleton said...

Wow Jesse. This is so good! Great job and keep it coming!!